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4 Idea Generation Resources to Inspire Your Marketing Content
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By sharing personal stories related to your business, you become more human. You help build your know, like, and trust factor which is essential to growing your blog and your business. The more vulnerable and honest you are, the better! Be inspired. Cause… karma.

18 Best Idea Generation Techniques

This is one of my favorite ways to get blog post ideas with very little work. Look at the things people are already posting from within a Facebook group in your niche for ideas. Read the questions AND the responses, and you could essentially create your blog post idea AND your post outline from these alone. You could also do a variation of surveying your own audience and ask the group instead.

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As always, when doing this, be mindful and respectful of the group rules when posting. I love using Amazon for finding blog post ideas. All you do is take your niche or one of your popular high-level topics and type it into the Amazon search bar and look at the books that come up. This gives you a peek at their Table of Contents. Scan the chapter headings. See anything you can use as a blog topic or an idea you can expand upon?

I often find several ideas just from one book this way! For instance, if your niche is jewelry-making, this Table of Contents has a lot of ideas you could write about, such as jewelry supplies, finishing methods, color selection, and more. You want to find things people loved about a book look for specifics on the topics as well as what people hated i. Look at their most popular posts, look at their comments and see what takeaways you can find.

Does one post get a lot of shares, but only briefly touch on a certain topic? Write a more detailed post on that same topic. You can glean blog post topic ideas from this and also by clicking through to some of the articles and checking out what their readers are saying.

Controversial blog posts share ideas that challenge the status quo, and can be super popular for their ability to go viral. Is there a popular idea that you can make a good argument against? But done well, a little controversy on your blog on occasion can be a good thing, and these types of posts have the potential to go viral. These are themes that you write about on a regular basis. They are most successful when you have a set schedule for them, such as every Monday, or every Friday. Some ideas for a recurring theme might be Motivation Monday posts or a monthly blog income report.

BuzzSumo is a tool that gives you the most shared articles on any given topic.

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They have a free version which displays up to 10 results. Just enter your niche to see articles from other blogs or websites, as well as how many shares they got. BuzzSumo is a quick way to find blog post topics that will be popular and shareable. This is another stupid simple way to go about finding things to write about. Just type an idea into Google, then when you get the results, scroll all the way to the bottom and look in the related posts section for blog post ideas in your niche.

Knowing how to come up with your next blog post idea can be a huge time saver and sanity saver. In this guide, you learned my top methods for finding new blog topics to write about. Now, all you need to do is start generating ideas of your own.

Take a look at the latest tech news and blogs to get inspired.

So give the finger to that asshole cursor taunting you from the blank screen and put him to work. Wow, thanks so much for this! These are such great ideas! After many years of blogging, the idea well can definitely run dry sometimes. Thank you, Chelsea! Yes, the well does indeed run dry at times! Hope some of these ideas spur some amazing posts!

How Topic Clusters Boost SEO

Each of the websites is here to help stimulate ideas. The key is to have fun with it. As you can see in the screenshot above, Brian includes a simple CTA in his blog post that links to the specific content upgrade. This grows into a phase of illumination where the participant suddenly gets a diversity of solutions and he rapidly writes them down, thereby creating fresh parallel lines of thought. Share on facebook.

Thanks for sharing. These are great ideas. Great ideas! Thanks, Jennifer! I learned that trick when working with Ramit Sethi. Hi Cindy — reader surveys can be gold! Great book and place to start. Awesome resources! Sometimes the blog ideas flow freely, and sometimes no so much! I love this idea for finding blog topics everywhere, and any type. These tips are great, you included so many!

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Buy Ultimate Idea Generation by Katrina Blunt (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Learn all you need to know about Idea Management in this Ultimate Guide to Driving Innovation. Idea generation or ideation is the act of forming ideas.

I get super nerdy when it comes to all things online business and helping people live to their fullest potential doing something they love. Pin 1. Marielle on August 9, at pm. Melody on August 9, at pm. Let me know if you have a favorite!

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Cara Palmer on August 9, at pm. Thanks, Cara! Participants will be able to understand and apply certain methods of idea generation on any self chosen topic. Read more.

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Design Aspects, Methods, Sources. Establishing a Roadmap, Consistency Analysis and Evaluation. Get personalized course recommendations, track subjects and courses with reminders, and more. Facebook Twitter Envelope Url. Found in Self Improvement. Never miss a course! Add as "Interested" to get notified of this course's next session. Go to class. Start now for free! Sign up. Overview Syllabus Related Courses Reviews. What do I learn Participants will be able to understand and apply certain methods of idea generation on any self chosen topic.

Taught by Dr. Daniel Jeffrey Koch. Tags europe. Browse More Self Improvement courses. I felt this course was too simplistic. Also, I felt the videos were too short and not well-organized.