Shoot-It-Yourself Wedding Video Guide

Wedding Video Guide: The Complete Shot List
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Videography Services

Add to Compare. So is a shoot it yourself or DIY wedding video right for you? Shoot it your self wedding videos have been a big part of our team members business for over six years now and as such we have the knowledge skill and expertise to provide you directly with the right equipment and support to ensure your DIY wedding video delivers the Hi standards you deserve along with the support you may require at any stage of the process so ensure you hire directly from the largest and longest established wedding video camera hire team,.

Will you need support? All our team are skilled operatives and understand how to get the most from your equipment you will find online guides on how to get your DIY wedding completed and we will hold your hand along the way to ensure you avoid the major pitfalls to ensure you get the best footage and can transfer and edit your wedding video with the minimum of fuss not to mention using the latest equipment along the way.

Scouting locations ahead of time will provide invaluable information for basing decisions on lighting, as well as other factors. Coming up with a comprehensive plan for recording audio will likely be the most thought-provoking element of your wedding shoot. In fact, a digital recorder will come in handy in many instances. Following the ceremony, the reception presents you with a variety of options for recording audio. Once all of your equipment needs have been met, create a checklist for each wedding you book and go over it thoroughly the night before the shoot.

In addition to cameras, lights, audio gear, and hardware, make sure to have an adequate supply of cables, adapters, batteries, chargers, power strips, cords, and recording media.

Two Camera Packages

Other essential items include gaffer tape and a tool kit. In addition to your own crew, you will need to make contact with and coordinate your shoot around the other professionals working the wedding. The wedding planner, if there is one, can assist you. There will most certainly be a photographer whose needs will almost mirror yours. Contact that person ahead of time, if possible, or early on the day of the wedding at the latest.

You Do The Shoot Wedding Videography Concept

Ask about their schedule and shot list to discuss how you can best coordinate your efforts. The DJ is also someone with whom you will need to touch base as early as you can. Besides the toasts and the cutting of the cake, you will need to be in position to capture the tossing of the bouquet and garter belt. Personal contact with the musicians is also a good idea.

Though you may already be aware of a live band or a soloist, checking in with them ahead of time is a courtesy that will not go unnoticed, and you can ask them to cue you when they are ready to begin. There is often much to do even hours before the guests arrive. Have at least one camera ready to roll as flowers arrive and are arranged on tables. There will be programs and guest books, trays of champagne glasses, and platters of food. Get as many beauty shots as possible for cutaways and a montage. If you are to cover the bride and groom getting ready, one handheld camera in each location is best.

Be sure to catch as many details as you can. Shoot the hair and makeup, the ribbons and shoes for the bride and her entourage. The tying of bow ties and the last-minute nerves of the groom and groomsmen will help build the visual momentum of the occasion.

You will only need background sound, so your onboard shotgun microphone will suffice for this. The arrival of a twelve-door stretch limo or a military contingent in full dress uniform will be wonderful additions to a video that will stand alone in its uniqueness. With time, you will develop your own methods and style of capturing the wedding day. There are some basic rules, though, that will help you get off to a good start.

Early in the day, set and secure any light stands you will be using. After checking the lights and taping down any power cords, remove the heads for safety and keep them nearby for easy setup when you need them. Claim your ceremony spaces by setting up your tripods well in advance.

Be sure to have a wide cover shot, high enough to shoot over the audience members when they stand up. Be certain to get cutaways of the parents of the bride and groom, as well as any important relatives or dignitaries. Set up an interview area in the reception space. The parents, best man, and maid of honor are a must! I have 9 cameras in my arsenal.

Different cameras for different situations. I usually use 6 - 7 cameras during the ceremony.

Videography Services

Yes it takes longer rendering everything to the same format but well worth it. They do great in low light amd having a power zoom is great. I also have 2 Canon 70D's with several different lenses. I have 2 Rode shotguns Also have 3 digital recorders that I use during the ceremony, sync to video in PP.

Have done over weddings The faster you fet used to catching the changes quickly and adjusting the better. Nudd said That it's a hell of equipment i wonder Why you don't have a mobile unit for live productions,perhaps a video switcher, camera remote control to paint every one, sound mixer , stands lights etc How many people to do your production? One to operate each one a video camera,but only one to make shots with out camera on stand i mean doing mobile. I can put alot of details here but i'm going to make the same mistake you did. Anonymous wrote:. My advice to those who are here learning is keep it simple with good sound and the highest quality video like in 4k or better and use lighting to balance the video quality and when couples see the 4k quality on their 4k tv they will be happier than 9 cameras of regular video with 9 different angles which you can't use all at one time other than having split windows in your video Invaluable for closups, shout-outs and general audio backup.

BUT you need to get a mic that doesn't pic up the ultrasonic signals that are everywhere. Not as quiet but acceptable for events, the NTG doesn't pick up these signals either.

Film Your Own Wedding And We'll Edit It - Shoot It Yourself

And even then, there are no guarantees. Always record off of the PA or DJ's sound board if possible, especially if it is the house system. They have already tested it. Also, the suggestion to use wireless handhelds is great. Few people want the hastle of wearing a lapel mic. Lapels are only good for the ceremony. John S, what do you need to know? Software, hardware, workflow, what? I have used eight different editors for event videos.

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I listed them but the expora thought it is SPAM. You need a fast, high mHz chip to edit, with at least 16 GB of quality memory and lots of storage. This error has confouded thousands of people.

Looking for a wedding video editor?

We're the UK's leading wedding videographers, producing over fun filled wedding videos a year - filmed by you, edited by us!. All of our wedding videography packages include either a 'One Camera' or 'Two Camera' hire, delivery and collection to anywhere in the UK and all of the professional editing. We now also offer bespoke wedding videography packages for Destination Weddings, Asian Weddings, Stag and.

Don't let it happen to you. You can't just build a good gaming machine and expect it to work well. ANY computer can render prerendered game video files. Workflow is a whole nother matter. There are many excellent options on the market for DSLRs which can be used to shoot weddings.

We would then be able to make a recommendation or two that would best fit your needs.

The Fundamentals of Wedding Videography for Beginners | B&H Explora

AskPhoto bhphoto. There are lenses we commonly recommend and are popular to work with for wedding shoots. For a full-frame Canon such as your 5D MK III the most common first lens to go for would be something in the mm or mm range. They offer a wide focal to get your scenic and group shots in, and also offer a nice portrait perspective for when you are closer to the ceremony and events. My second lens choice would be something in the mm range for instances where you cannot get close up to the moment, and then a 50mm f1. See the links below for details on each.

Weddings are so fast and dont have time to worry about focus so we use our cannon for stills and the complete overview of the room this is only due to focus and limited capture time unless you spend allot on external recorders and such. Dont spend your money on a lens for the Cannon get the right gear for the job and you will be much happier. We shot weddings and a dslr is nice if you have time to compose shots , a typical wedding is run run run then more running.

Knowing that a DSLR can produce decent results at events, they makes for a lot of work to get there.