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The test would validate the intersection and take appropriate actions.


For example, you might be considering moving Florida's reporting hierarchy from East to South. You can calculate Actual numbers one way and put a check in to calculate a scenario for reorganization ReOrg1 in a different way.

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Another common type of calculation and one used in the following examples is the creation of variances inside Essbase. For example, if you wanted to create a variance to compare quarter over quarter changes, the formula might look like this:.

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In the preceding example, the formula would always do a variance between Qtr1 and Qtr2, only. For more flexibility, you could make the formula reusable. For instance, you could build a formula that takes the current quarter and does a variance comparison to the previous quarter. Depending on the storage method you choose for a specific database, the language you use to write a member formula is either the native Essbase Calc Scripting Language for block storage databases or the Multidimensional Expressions MDX language for aggregate storage databases.

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The following sections provide a general overview of the language specifications. For detailed information, see the Oracle Essbase Technical Reference. This language is a series of functions and commands that lets you select and calculate members of your Essbase database.

Commands provide broad capabilities across a database as opposed to deriving a value for or working with a specific member. For example, you can use the DATACOPY command to copy a slice of data from one portion of the database to another such as copying last year's actual values to seed this year's budget. Functions work on individual members, either by selecting a member for calculation or by deriving a value for a member. For example, the SUM function adds the specified members together. Functions are divided into a series of subcategories.

Here is an overview of some of the key areas:. There are also Statistical, Forecasting, Allocations, and a whole host of other categories from which you can choose functions. In total, there are hundreds of prebuilt functions in the Essbase engine. For a complete list of functions, commands, and syntax requirements, see the Oracle Essbase Technical Reference, which is part of the Oracle Essbase documentation set. When the aggregate storage option was added to Essbase, MDX was chosen over the Calc Scripting Language in order to embrace the industry-standard query methodology.

Although formulas created in MDX can be used only for aggregate storage databases, MDX can be used to query any Essbase database—block or aggregate storage. This is because the syntax and functions described in this section are universal, regardless of whether they are used in formulas or queries. For more information, see the " Using Essbase Query Languages for Reports " section later in this article.

For example, to perform the same summation we looked at previously, the formula would be SUM [Jan]:[Mar].

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Aside from a few apparent syntactical differences, the logic and function are the same. MDX contains a series of functions to perform similar grouping and mathematical operations. MDX functions are organized by action:. There are many additional functions in the MDX specification. For a complete list of functions, including examples, see the Oracle Essbase Technical Reference in the Oracle Essbase documentation set. Now let's take a look at how to create a member formula and a calculation script. The following examples are based on the Sample Basic database. Because this database is a block storage database, we use the Calc Scripting Language syntax.

The sample member formula calculates the variance between Quarter 1 and Quarter 2. Follow these steps to create this member formula:. Press and hold the ctrl key and select both Time Variances and Q1 vs Q2. In the Member Properties dialog box, select the Formula tab. The Member Formula Editor is divided into three areas: outline viewer, function selector, and text editor. If you are prompted to restructure the model, ensure All Data is selected, and then click OK.

Essbase provides two built-in reporting options: MDX scripts and report scripts. Generally speaking, neither option is normally used in raw format for reporting.

Both MDX and report scripts represent language specifications similar to SQL to query data and dimensionality from an Essbase database. Both are often used by front-end reporting tools to interface with an Essbase database. From a batch processing and automation perspective, you might use either MDX or report scripts to export data from an Essbase database or to validate numbers. This section provides a brief overview of each scripting language.

Recall that MDX can be used to query either a block storage or an aggregate storage database. It is similar to the relational database SQL language. An MDX query is divided into three key areas:. Here is a simple MDX query to get all of the Profit subaccount details for the specified market regions in the first quarter:.

An MDX query and the resulting report.

Figure shows the formula within this dialog box, followed by the results of the query in Microsoft Excel. The specific format of the output is determined by the front-end client. MDX does not contain specific formatting functions. Instead, MDX focuses on data and metadata queries.

Report Script is a legacy Essbase script-based reporting interface. Like MDX, you can use report scripts on either aggregate storage or block storage databases. The report script language contains functions and is divided into a series of categories:. The complete report scripts specification is detailed in the Oracle Essbase Technical Reference. A series of report scripts is included with the Sample Basic database.

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The following is an example of one of these scripts, which retrieves the top ten products for specified markets:. Regardless of the execution medium, you can send the output of a report script to a file or the screen, or you can stream the results to another program. For example, Financial Reporting an Oracle reporting tool issues report script commands to Essbase and displays the data in its user interface. To create a report script using the Administrative Services console, follow these steps:.

Report output created by the sample report script. In the Report Script text editor, type the following query:. From the menu bar, select File Save. In the Save dialog box, name the script, and then click Save. Select Options Execute Script. When prompted, select Console for output, and then click OK.

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