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According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wages of substance abuse counselors are as follows:. Keep in mind that private practices also employ substance abuse and behavioral health counselors. Salary varies by employer and size of their clinic. Substance abuse counselors often have a wide range of possible employment opportunities.

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You can benefit from mental health therapy in the privacy of a quiet, online conversation. Counseling themes: Anxiety, depression, life changes that people find difficult to navigate, marriage counselling, parenting, sexuality, dealing with stress and developmental trauma, and Therapy Programs. She has worked with corporates in employee wellness and human factors to guide people towards holistic living. It can be used in three ways:. The importance of a good support system, positive coping and communication skills and health all play a part in our lives.

With a 23 percent expected job growth , mental health counselors will have their pick of employment opportunities. Mental health counselors work in a variety of settings including clinics, schools, hospitals, agencies, human resource units, and private practice — all of which are in need of qualified therapists.

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Students in this field can specialize in a broad range of mental health issues, which widens the scope of job opportunities. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wages of mental health counselors are as follows:. Mental health counselors are also known by other titles since they are trained in rehabilitation and prevention.

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Make sure to read job descriptions carefully to see if you also qualify to work as a behavioral disorder counselor. Marriage and family therapists are on the high end of wages in the counseling field. A 29 percent job growth is expected from to due to an increased need for relationship counseling services.

Graduates can also find employment in a new field of counseling that provides clinical services over the Internet called online counseling or virtual therapy. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wages of marriage and family therapists are as follows:. Some marriage and family therapists open their own practices after establishing successful relationships with clients.

Counselors can then charge clients an hourly rate without contractual constraints. Rehabilitation counselors work in a diversity of settings, including vocational, medical, psychiatric centers, and correctional institutions. Jobs in this field are expected to grow by 13 percent , faster than the national average for other occupations.

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This is largely due to an aging population and the need for elderly care. Rehabilitation counselors can also play a consultant role by working with healthcare professionals to optimize patient therapy. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wages of rehabilitation counselors are as follows:. Many more qualified rehabilitation counselors are needed now and in the foreseeable future. This field is becoming increasingly more diverse. Rehabilitation counselors are especially needed to address the mental and physical conditions of the elderly. These factors typically include:.

Larger employers may offer more competitive salaries for counselors than smaller, non-profit social organizations. Counselors in private practice can earn significantly more depending on number of patients and hourly rate.

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However, private practices may have insurance fees that can be high, depending on where you live and the population you serve. Where you work as a counselor can have a big impact on how much you earn. Different parts of the country need more counselors than others, based on population, crime statistics, funding, community resources, and other factors. Location also plays an important part in licensing, continuing education, and insurance requirements, should you open your own practice.

The cost of living in larger cities, such as New York or Chicago, is much higher than it is in smaller cities or towns. If you considering opening your own practice in a city with a higher cost of living, make sure you have the resources to do so.

Online Counselling - Buy Online Counselling: A Handbook for Practitioners: 1 ( Professional Handbooks in Counselling and Psychotherapy) book online at best prices in India on Successful Qualitative Research: A Practical Guide for Beginners. This guide has been put together for practitioners who are considering using the internet to provide therapeutic services to clients. The author outlines essential.

Whether you want to open your own practice or work for a clinic or in a hospital, research areas of the country that have high employment rates in your field. For example, notice in the graph below the areas of the country that employ the most substance abuse and behavioral health counselors:. According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics , the metropolitan areas with the highest employment level in this occupation include:. Gaining experience is an important step in the process of exploring your career options.

Volunteering at different organizations on the weekends or shadowing a counselor will help you gain hands-on experience and a possible foot in the door. The more experience you have, the more knowledge you have. Each case is different and comes with its own unique set of circumstances and considerations. For counselors, this means professional growth and advancement opportunities. She is also a BACP Accredited counsellor and has also worked in universities and further education institutions.

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Categories: Psychology , Psychotherapy and Counseling. Ebook - Show More. Show Less. The Breakthrough Confidential Online Counseling and Therapy site broke barriers as it increased access to professional therapists to an increasingly large online population of distressed people.

Digital technology enables clients to use…. My previous article on online counseling defined and explored the impact of technological counseling on the nature of the therapeutic relationship. This article takes this discussion a bit deeper through exploring some…. Confiding your sorrows and other problems to a stranger is a scary tangle of trust issues and self- plus public respect.

The range of options when it comes to online psychological help is very wide. From online psychological testing to support groups to professional therapy, the options are endless.

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One of the first…. As an online therapist I wonder about this process…. Free online therapy seems to be a popular option, considering all the accessible sites for it. The option is available in many countries and languages. Avoiding traffic, public exposure in waiting rooms…. However, in…. Doctors tend to be dedicated professionals, but some of them find it daunting to convey that professionalism online.

The issues are multi-faceted.

Wikipedia gives us a solid at-a-glance definition of online mental…. College degrees in counseling are one thing to…. Many of us do not remember a pre-Internet world and the World Wide Web is the go-to resource for addressing our needs.