Looking Back, Moving On:Memoir as Prologue (Second Edition)

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Elizabeth was a year-old single mom when she met Bundy during a night out drinking in Seattle with a friend in October Her memoir begins when a handsome young man with an indiscernible accent asked her to dance.

My Prince. Elizabeth tried numerous times to warn police, but she was told Bundy had been checked out and cleared. So she remained in the relationship. Though she wanted to keep her identity hidden, she was determined to share her story. After finally cutting off communication with Bundy while he was in a Florida prison, Elizabeth went to Madrona Publishing, a small, local publisher in Seattle run by husband and wife team Dan and Sara Levant. As Sara remembers, it was Dan who first talked to Elizabeth about publishing the memoir.

Elizabeth had a portion of her manuscript completed with she brought it to Madrona, and then Sara worked with her on edits.

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She found the incident disturbing. Never did I forget that real women had been murdered for no other reason than they were attractive and friendly. The hideous reality of their deaths became my reality, too. Their tragedy was my trauma. For a long time I lived with the guilt of wondering if Ted saw me in these women, if killing them was a sick, compulsive effort to kill something he hated in me. According to Sara, the book sold modestly well.

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Sara says she and Dan were surprised by how little attention the book got, considering what a significant story Bundy was at that time, as he awaited the death penalty after his much-publicized trial, which was one of the first to be televised. In , the Levants closed Madrona, selling off the rights to the books.

The memoir went out of print when Madrona shuttered, and Elizabeth continued to stay out of the public eye—until last year. She does not want the spotlight.

Looking Back, Moving On (second edition): Memoir as Prologue

For example, she didn't want to come to Sundance. She doesn't want to participate in the press. She wants to remain anonymous. She trusted us with her story. She agreed to do the movie, obviously, so it's not being done without her cooperation. After agreeing to let Berlinger move forward with the film, Elizabeth met with Lily Collins, the actress cast to play her in the film.

Even though it is winter in my life; I still need you.

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In the book, Elizabeth says she was with a friend the night she met Bundy at Sandpiper Tavern but uses the name Angie for the friend. Instead of the chapter continuing the story, there is a short story explaining the backstory of the spell, before returning to our regularly scheduled events. Hope this helps!

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Having mostly short chapters and one or two extra long ones may throw the reader out of the oacing and style of the book, and it will be hard for them to get back into stride. Again, just my thoughts, take them or leave them. Thank you for this little guide. I was unsure how long i needed the chapters to be. Ill definetly be using this in the future! Well, this is pretty hard for me.

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As an amateur, I always thought that most chapters have at least less than 9,00 words. I find it strange that I find chapters less than 8, words that I write a bit short. A novel with most chapters over words is unusual. You may want to consider editing to a lower number or dividing the chapters differently. Chapter length is an arbitrary measurement. In this age of rapidly deteriorating attention spans the use of historical data is moot.

Genre is an important component. It should be noted that all three examples in the article relate to fantasy. The fantasy genre requires authors to spend words describing items that to do not exist. Real world stories have no such requirement. Chapter length is merely a reader convenience and should be tuned to the target audience. Consider the Thriller reader who aims to consume a chapter whilst on the train on the way to work, another on the way home, and another before turning in.

Pitch that against a Historical Fiction novel targetted towards a retired citizen who spends ever afternoon reading in the conservatory. I write thrillers. My latest has an average chapter length of words with the high being Of course structure and POV are relevant issues.

Thrillers tend to use multiple concurrent story-lines. Tension is created by switching between them. I hope not. My first six chapters are all about that long.

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My mother was different; she was all for the uplifting of the black race, but she saw it like somebody in the NAACP would see it. The slower paced chapters I like to keep a bit more descriptive but shorter as to invoke better imagery in the readers mind to keep them glued. When that hap-pened, they seemed to forget their differences and pulled together to try to save me. My teacher Gustav used to rave about him. I have a story to tell, I do.

I love your input! Obviously, I am not much of a reader and your response has inspired me to pick up some thrillers for reference… but also, not to lose my original voice and aim. BTW I feel like one of those who is propelled; I have over a hundred pages of plot handwritten and I have typed 10, words of the intros. No super exciting stuff yet. Anyone can write the exciting stuff. Next time you are on a train have a look around mate.

As a reader, I ignore chapter breaks. Good clear boundaries.

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Thanks for the post! I am writing my first and last book about my life. This is great help for me. Thanks to Internet and to people that helps other without asking for money. Thanks I did that right…. Just joking…. I had a task to create a start of a few chapters for your own book. I have decided I want to post the book onto what pad. I have noticed it is not quite a novel since in each chapter I have about words. I wanted to make the book a series. Do you think that my second book could be better and be apart of a series.

Please reply. When I do get older, I really want to become an author. Your second book could definitely be a part of a series, as could your first it just depends on the story line etc. It could be apart of a series! It might not be a good idea if there are different characters maybe if your adding characters of there just related to the OCs, that would work.

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There is no set age limit to be an author. If you want to write, then do it! You can get lots of inspiration sharing a virtual cabin with other writers, and you get messages every day about how to further your writing. There is also a bigger event in November, the actual National Novel Writing Month NaNoWriMo , where you can often find other writers in your area, in your genre, or who likes [insert other interest here] as much as you do. You can print your book on copy-paper and try to have local book stores sell them if you really want to.