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Effective today, March 25, only regular-shaped bags will be allowed at check-in counters. Due to strict safari luggage limitations travelers are required to bring soft sided luggage, typically duffel bags without any framing, for their light aircraft transfers whilst on safari… We are busy checking with our industry partners on the ground in Africa and at the Johannesburg Airport to learn more about these new requirements and will update this blog post as information comes in.

Passengers trying to check-in bags that do not conform to these rules will be offered the option of having their baggage wrapped with one flat side at the airport approved baggage wrapping stations. The new rules are aimed at preventing blockages and breakdowns in the baggage handling system caused by bags that do not have any flat surfaces or that have long straps or grips as per the International Air Transport Association IATA guidelines.

The new rules have been agreed to after extensive consultations with the Airline Operators Committee AOC and other bodies representing airlines. I came face to face with a wild elephant, and fell in love with being on safari!

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I made it my goal to create an African travel company that was all about authentic wildlife experiences. Many years later we are one of the top African travel companies in the Americas — known for arranging custom safaris to East and Southern Africa; personal trips, no cookie cutter stuff. According to a document tendered by Ms Masebo's lawyer Robert Simeza at the Rhoyda Kaoma-led Tribunal appointed to probe the Tourism minister's alleged interference at ZAWA, the tendering process had various discrepancies.

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Consequently, bidders such as Legend Adventures, Tandala Safaris, Mafitema Safaris, and GR Safaris were unfairly disqualified on minor deviations contrary to the prescription in the bidding document. It was also noted that companies such as GR Safaris were unfairly disqualified for not providing the bid security as per standard when in fact the company had complied by providing a manager's cheque that fell within the bid security validity period of days from the date of issue.

Investigations further established that Tandala Safaris and Zambezi Expedition were also disqualified under Upper Lupande hunting bloc on grounds that their bid security did not meet the validity period when in fact not. The report also reveals that the evaluation committee was not consistent in the evaluation process which saw Matope Safaris considered for two hunting blocs when the company did not specify which hunting bloc it was applying for.

The same company was not evaluated for the Luwawata hunting bloc on grounds that it did not specify the hunting blocs it had applied for, a direct contradiction with the earlier decision to consider it for Lower Lupande and Kasonso hunting blocs.

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By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy. The report also noted that ZAWA used the two envelope system for the tender which required the placing of technical and financial bids in separate envelopes as anchored on the Procurement Regulations in the ZPPA Act number 12 of but which is liable to speculation. It was established that the ZAWA management was on firm grounds to exclude chiefs in the evaluation process with the Authority instead of preferring to use its discretion to pick Community Resource Boards to represent the chiefs, but with little requisite evaluation knowledge.

The ACC preliminary investigations also found that while the ZPPA granted a 'no objection' on the solicitation document, the Authority neglected to render professional guidance on provisions in clause 2.

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To cut a long story short, Webkit supports irregular curves instead of just circle quarters on each corner, so if you try to add 2 values, the result will be […]. So if you […]. Alm disso, essa verso usa os recursos sombra e borda do css 3, algum dia presente em todos os […].

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A nineteen year old is catapulted out of an s rural lifestyle into the 'cradle of terrorism, genocide and reprisals', in a strange land. Thanks to some military. Irregular Safari [Hugh Aldersey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One of my retirement projects was to write a historical novel based on the.

For that reason I try to leave it out of my designs because employers enjoy things that validate. So to get four matching elliptical corners you would use the shorthand. The shorthand allows you to specify from one to four horizontal radii, then one to four vertical radii.

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The two sets of values are applied with rules similar to margin , starting at the top left and going clockwise. I made a little table that compares the spec to current browsers at my blog , if that will help anyone.

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Why do I say that? Well, Microsoft has proven their affinity for going above and beyond in technologies when they get the proper inspiration to do so. That will make it easier for us Web guys, anyway. For more info on the differences read this […]. Konqueror does support -khtml- in the non standard webkit way -khtml-border-top-left-radius: 10px; opera joined on now with border-radius with their own way…Border-topleft-radius: 10px;.

PaulDE you have to have a different command for each corner, for webkit its -webkit-border-top-left-radius: 10px; -webkit-border-top-right-radius: 5px;. This is a messy situation. The W3C have declared border-radius as the way to do this and only Opera so far as I know supports this. Why are FF, Saf, et al not ditching their proprietory methods and going with the standard here? This is not progress!

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Well done Opera though for applying sense to CSS3 in a way none of the other browsers seem to be willing to do. I added this to get my blog roll to look cleaner and works most browsers… have yet to try IE?

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Ah, I thought there was a particular reason because for instance , protocol-level WS pings are from the server to the client. Guidelines for the pharmacological treatment of anxiety disorders, Obsessive-compulsive disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder in primary care. Three of the females and one male were born at the sanctuary. Colors Per Case. Table 2 illustrates the percentage of each behavioral context that Poco was engaging in either normal e. Expect some culture shock. Primate behavior: An exercise workbook.

I really wonder why on earth it would be so hard to agree on one syntax?? You just saved my life, seriously.

This is working correctly now, although it rendered differently in 3. It seems it does not work with IE8… Perhaps, one day someone intelligent will do something in order to arrange all that stupid differences… till then keep on trying!