Infants Crocheted Hood – Columbia No. 2. Vintage Pattern. [Annotated]

Childs Crocheted Dutch Toque – Columbia. Vintage Pattern [Annotated]
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I had been none the wiser. H ere are the most valuable lessons we learned. By taking over most of the domestic work, I was also buying into what Dr. Y es, family meetings are hideously boring—but as expert upon expert told me, conflict arises when your roles are unclear.

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Despite the wear, pages are in good condition. Cover split all the way down the spine, totally detached from staples and taped back on, heavy cover wear. Book No. Some "foxing" on cover; most of book in very good condition, but pages containing instrutions for Shell Mesh Baby Set and Knitted Carriage Cover discolored, with some spoting and pencil marks to keep track of rows. Amazing condition for its age -- looks like new!

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Shows its age some -- brown spotting foxing? Slight rippling at bottom as if it may have gotten damp.

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Cover is kind of a mess but pages in good used vintage condition. Shows its age but still has a lot of use left in it! There is some damage to photos of items, but only one pattern is affected --part of the second row of shoe strap instructions is missing. You may be able to fill in from context.

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All other patterns are intact. I would have tossed this book in the recycling, but -- just look at that cutie on the cover!

It was obviously much loved and much used -- and may even have another 70 years' wear left! Cover split almost completely up at spine, heavy spine wear. Pages in decent used condition.