First Italian Reader for beginners: bilingual for speakers of English (Graded Italian Readers Book 1)

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Robert pays a visit to Ann every day. Sometimes Robert brings gifts for her. He usually brings her flowers, fruits or sweets. But today he wants to surprise her. Robert knows that Ann likes animals very much. Ann already has a cat named Tom. However Tom is usually outside. And Robert wants to give Ann an animal that will always be at home.

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The salesman thinks. Robert looks at the aquarium fish. The salesman smiles.

Robert smiles. He also buys a cage. There is everything in the hamster house - a cup for drinking, a wheel for running, and even a little bed. Robert shows Ann the cage with the hamsters. Ann starts laughing. She hugs Robert. I like hamsters very much. Robert laughs too. Robert goes home late at night. Ann goes to bed.

Tom si siede accanto alla gabbia e fissa i criceti. E va a dormire. Dolly si pulisce e Willy corre sempre nella ruota. E Willy ha avuto paura di smettere di correre.


Ann si dispiace per Willy. Scaccia Tom dalla gabbia. Willy esce dalla ruota e va nella ciotola a bere. Dorme per tutto il giorno. La sera viene Robert e Ann gli racconta la storia del criceto. Robert e Ann ridono forte. Il criceto Willy si sveglia e li fissa. Tom sits down by the cage and stares at hamsters. Dolly is already sleeping, and Willy is running in the wheel.

Ann goes to sleep. In the morning Ann wakes up and sees that Tom is sitting by the cage. Dolly is cleaning herself, and Willy is still running in the wheel. Ann realizes that the cat was sitting by the cage and was watching Willy the whole night. And Willy was afraid to stop. Ann feels sorry for Willy. She chases Tom away from the cage.

Willy gets off the wheel, comes to the water cup and drinks. Then the hamster immediately falls down and falls asleep. It sleeps the whole day. In the evening Robert comes and Ann tells him the story about the hamster.

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Robert and Ann laugh loudly and the hamster Willy wakes up and stares at them. A rescuer. Lui gli vuole molto bene. Dopo il college David va tutti i giorni al supermercato a comprare del cibo appetitoso per il gatto. Una volta David vede correre verso d i lui una ragazzina che ha al guinzaglio un grosso cane. David pensa che la ragazza abbia un problema e che abbia bisogno di aiuto. Cammina velocemente per andare incontro alla ragazza con il cane. La ragazza e il cane corrono verso David. In un primo momento David non capisce cosa stia succedendo. He loves his cat very much. David calls him "Buddy.

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David goes jogging in the neighboring park every day in the morning. Pet owners are walking their pets in the park at this time. One time David sees a little girl running towards him with a big dog on a leash. David thinks that the girl has a problem and she needs help. He goes quickly to meet the girl with the dog.

The girl and the dog run up to David. But when the dog attacks him and furiously growls, David runs to the nearest tree with the speed of a cheetah. At this moment a big cat jumps down from the. Il cane si dimentica subito di David e insegue ringhiando il gatto. Il gatto corre verso un altro albero e si arrampica su di esso.

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Now, if only I could be so disciplined about hitting the books and doing some formal study… Like Like. I would recommend him for anyone wanting to learn Italian and speaks English. This grammar-exercise-laden book provides lots of fill-in-the-blanks and other practice for just about any subject in Italian grammar for the lower-to-upper intermediate learner. I speak 3 languages now and I am learning my 4th. There are loads of online communities were you can practise your language skills by writing. Native italian tutor with 3 years of experience in teaching italian to foreigners Hello guys!

Ora quel gatto coraggioso si chiama Marte. The dog forgets about David immediately and chases the cat with a growl. The cat quickly runs to another tree and climbs it. Then the cat lies down quietly on a branch and, with his head tilted to the side, quietly watches the dog. This brave cat is now called Mars. Read Free For 30 Days. There are simple and funny Italian texts for easy reading.

The book consists of Elementary course with parallel Italian-English translation. The author maintains learners' motivation with funny stories about real life situations such as meeting people, studying, job searches, working etc.