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An excellent resource for both professionals and pet owners alike, it features a clear format and easily accessible information. Discussions focus on the changing role of a cat's behavior for humans, as well as new treatments that arise as more is understood about cat behavior. Chapters are written in a clear, concise manner, making it easy for the reader to fully comprehend the different behavior patterns in cats, including: Neurologic and sensory behavior Communicative behavior Social behavior Sexual behavior Ingestive hehavior Eliminative behavior Locomotive behavior Grooming behavior A new section has been added to Introduction to Feline Behavior Chapter 1 , entitled Introduction to Drug and Behavior Therapy.

However we are both working vets so it may take a short period before we can get back to you. Get inside your cat's mind and learn what he or she is thinking. All we ask is that please, before you return it - for the sake of you and your cat, at least look at the case histories. I know you'll find some information that will improve the life of your cat.

We have been very lucky with our cat as he has never been any bother, that is until we recently redecorated our dining room. For the first time he took to scratching a dining-chair leg. I confess my first reaction was to scold him but it didn't seem to make any difference. A friend told me about your web site and I discovered the solution in chapter 2! Tom my 4 year old cat did not like having his face wiped but your advice worked like magic. You have already saved me a trip to the vet, though I still need to replace the chair!

I enjoyed reading other chapters, too, and appreciate knowing more about how Tom's mind is working. Your obvious love for cats shines through! Thank you so much for this user-friendly guide to cats and at such a reasonable price, too.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Professor, Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, Feline Behavior - E-Book 2nd Edition, Kindle Edition. by Bonnie. Purchase Feline Behavior - 2nd Edition. Print Book & E-Book. ISBN ,

I've got two cats and the biggest problem I've had is spraying. But I've pored over your advice on pages and have already seen an improvement. Not to mention the host of stuff I realized I was doing wrong with their litter box! Thanks to your guide, I've fixed that now. The book itself is a delightful read, easy to navigate around in, and I love the cat quotes at the beginning of each chapter. My cats are happier already, and I haven't got up the nerve to tell them it's all because I read your book!

Dear Sarah and Paul, my problem is they are actually urinating on the surfaces. I took them to the vet for a check up and they are in perfect health.

I have confined them to the garage, which they hate. Every night I will allow them out when I can watch them. I will keep you posted. They are scheduled to be neutered on Feb. Thanks again for you assistance and the brilliant E-book.

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Due to the high volume of feedback, we are unable to respond to individual comments. Paolo Sbraccia. Readership Providing fascinating comparisons between wild and domestic species, this comprehensive title explains feline behaviour from a perspective of evolutionary heritage. If you are an academic-minded person, who is not only interested in guidance on how to train your cat but also delve into the science around cat behavior, training and care, then The Trainable Cat is an excellent book for you. Elimination Disorders in Children and Adolescents. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. What alternate universe are these headlines from?

A major factor in George's behavior was our aged dog who has passed away January 5. Without her in the house George as become less nervous and easier to coax out from under the bed quilt. In fact, he spends more and more time with us which we are enjoying and he must be too. I will implement your suggestions, especially the cleaning of the urine carefully around the house.

With one cat it should be easier and cleaner than ever. Thank you again. Thank you. You mentioned things I have never heard of before.

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I will definitely try your suggestions! I sent in a question about my cat and I am following your instructions and i see a big difference. My cat used to knock things off of the dresser but now i am ignoring him like you told me to try. He will knock one or two things off, but when he sees that he is not getting my attention he stops. He's getting better night by night. We have also produced a series of 3 Mini Guides on the topics we find are most common both in our surgery and also in the client survey we carried out when starting this web site.

If you are having problems with a spraying cat, READ this guide to save hours of searching and it will allow the most focused use of your time in solving this behavior. A Case Study:. Tom a gorgeous and lovable neutered 4 yr old male, was brought into the clinic for an examination due to a sudden onset of inappropriate urination. Moreover, if you happen to own multiple cats or other pets, you would find this book especially useful. And if that is not all, the book has some great insights on handling cat emergencies and first aid as an appendix in the end.

If you are an academic-minded person, who is not only interested in guidance on how to train your cat but also delve into the science around cat behavior, training and care, then The Trainable Cat is an excellent book for you.

The book is authored by Dr. At pages, the book is pretty detailed and covers the insights on physiological as well as psychological aspects of training a cat. A lot of scientific information is also sprinkled around along with specific instructions on how you can train your cat to be active, healthy and obedient and free of behavioral problems. The only complaint you may have with this book is that it is a little wordy and heavy on content and hence may not be fit for people who are just looking for a guide with step-by-step instructions to follow for teaching tricks to their feline friend.

Workman, Canisius College. If you are a beginner cat owner and looking for an easy-to-follow guide that can help you ensure proper upkeep of your cat and teach it a few tricks, then this book is just for you. Naughty No More is authored by Marilyn Krieger, a leading clicker-training expert and proponent of positive reinforcement techniques, and published by BowTie Press. In short odd pages, the book covers how you can follow clicker training principles to improve the feline-human bond and manage common cat behavioral issues. In addition, you can follow the instructions in this book to teach your cat how to be obedient, follow your commands and handle vet visits and travel.

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Naughty No More is our Top Pick 3 for best cat training guides. Here is what some of the popular experts have to say about this book:. In odd pages, the book covers all aspects of feline upbringing and care, starting from how to pick the best breed for yourself to how to provide a caring environment from kitten-age to adulthood and handle common cat behavior issues.

The book even has some great advice on Financial Planning to ensure you are not overwhelmed financially while taking care of your feline friend.

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Moreover, the book has some unique suggestions and advice on feeding your cat and teaching your cats a few tricks. Here is what some of the popular experts in the field have to say about this book:. While the other top picks focused on how to make the life of your beloved cat comfortable in a domestic environment, our final pick is something that aims at getting your feline friend out to explore the wilderness, or sail with you on your next trip.

Published in , this unique book is authored by authored by Laura J. Moss, the famous co-founder of AdventureCats. In pages, the author covers all aspects of training your cat to enjoy outdoors starting from determining if your cat is ready for outdoor adventures to how to train your cat using clicker training to follow your lead and stay safe and healthy while in the wilderness. The book even contains instructions on how you can leash your cat and handling first-aid and emergencies during adventure trips.

This book is an essential buy for cat owners who want to take their feline companion along on outdoor trips.